Day Two

Oh My goodness! This place is incredibly beautiful! If you have never been to Arkansas in the fall this is the time of year to visit! Also it helps to have friends that live in a lovely house in the woods where the leave are all changing color! If it weren’t so humid I would stay here forever! Today was an off day which I will try to have after driving days because well when you are the only one driving you don’t want to drive yourself crazy (forgive the play on words). I am only human and know my limitations. Also I want to visit the places I stop and not just sleep there for a few hours always going somewhere else! It is my Live In the Moment Attitude! The family I am staying with also run an studio/school for the arts! So this morning I was able to go visit the school and see some of the fun things they are doing over there! If you are ever in Southwest little rock be sure to visit Doxa Arts Academy. Also as someone who is passionate about the Arts I want to help support the efforts of thier non-profit Fostering the Arts. Please consider visiting thier website for more information and if you can please donate! I am not really able to donate money myself but I can donate my time and am hoping to see what I can do to invest in the arts in any way that I can! It is very close to my heart! All that said here are a few pictures for you to see from my day!

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  1. Lori says:

    How wonderful!

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