Day One

Okay so I am notorious for not posting often so know that two updates in one day is very unusual for me and may not be the norm! I am going to try to be pretty regular about updating but it may be once a week or even once a month depending on how busy I am at the end of my days and/or how interesting my day could have been! In this case it is day one and the family who is hosting me has a guest room where I can sit and work on work stuff or even just write down my thoughts on my travels so far! This morning I packed up the last of my stuff and hit the road! I am so thankful for Paul, my brother, for coming to help me load up so that I got to Arkansas in time for dinner and before the sun went down which is helpful when I needed to get stuff out of my car which is easier in daylight! I am discovering the only downfall I have really had with T-Mobile in the years that I have had them is that some places like a super tiny suburb of Little Rock does not have the greatest coverage. Literally everything else about them is amazing! The road has been good to me so far! Of course today was only a few hours of driving and tomorrow is going to be my day to get the local experience and then Friday I will be leaving pretty early to head off to Chattanooga! I know that this is a bit of an all over the place post but my journaling is typically a little all over the place! Below are some miscellaneous pictures from my day! Not super exciting but the dashboard pictures was so I know how may miles my car had before I left. Disclaimer for those who might be concerned for my safety: if the pictures were taken while in the car I have my phone in the mount which you can see in the portrait pictures the landscape pictures my phone is still mounted but know that really Google Assistant opens my camera and I have my phone voice trigger programmed to take pictures on command so I just tell my phone to take pictures and can do so hands free.


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