Dreaming Outside My Box

Wow… What a year… Many complained that 2016 was a horrible year. I can see some of the downfalls but I am learning that there is more to life than the lowest moments. In my own life I have seen how the Lord has continued to bless the things that I put my hand to whether I was working or volunteering. It is amazing to see how far the Lord will take you when you put your full weight into those steps you take in faith. I may have made those plans but God has truly ordered my steps. I have watched how he has brought us clients at just the right time. He sustained us through the craziest seasons and provided for us. I have spent most of this last year placing some of my dreams on the back burner because I wasn’t ready for them to which my King of Kings has made it clear that my opinion is based on my understanding and not His. As I have embraced His plan for my life I am realizing that He has so much more for me than I would have thought possible. Choosing to dream instead of just going through the motions. It is time for me to live my life to the full extent that I was created to live it!

2016 had plenty going for it. The featured image on this post is of Dominic Rhodes who used to be a Running Back for the Colts. In February we started helping RISE Clothing with thier website. They were in need of photographs for thier website and in April I was invited to photograph during a video shoot at a cross fit gym with Dominic. This picture as well as a few of my photographs and design work has been featured on thier website and others.

I know that this year holds so much more than this. I am so excited to jump into this year with full enthusiasm! Happy New Year to everyone! 2017 is going to be better than you expect.


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