#2015BestNine Perspective

I think it is a little funny that this last year the only time I posted was a my start of the year post. Which is about the only thing I am faithful about which I was not going to let this year go by without a word! I guess looking back is something I enjoy at the start of the year it gives me a little perspective. Last year I really felt like 2015 had so much coming and it was a nice moment of perspective! It’s funny I keep seeing the #2015bestnine on Instagram and Facebook and when I made mine I didn’t like it enough to post. Why you might ask? Well when I looked at the pictures they weren’t the photos I would look back at to remember this year! They are the photos my followers on Instagram liked the most! Which puts a touch of perspective on things.  If you would like to see them I did save the graphic for this but I don’t think I will be posting it on Instagram or anything:


I will say that I truly enjoy looking at these pictures and the memories they each captured but truly the moments that I cherish personally are not often the ones those in my life will like on Instagram or Facebook! Often the are moments that I took time to capture with details of the experience only I will take with me because I was there and I experienced it. I chose to share that moment but because no one was there to share it with me or only one or two other people where there it meant that it may not have gotten the social media attention.

Okay so I am sure you have seen plenty of them and even remembered liking a few. Nevertheless the joy in remembering to me is not about what you or those who follow me enjoy about my life but it is about looking back at those moments that I cherish not for the experience but for the people with me in those moments and the shared laughter and even sometimes tears. I cherish the life lived with the people loved! I love what I do and who I do it with! That is what I cherish most every year!

Happy New Year!


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