Turning the Page on a New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone!


As I look back I realize that with the best intentions of blogging on a regular basis I ended up barely posting once a month. 2013 has been a year for the books I Graduated from CFNI receiving my Bachelors in Theology, Moved into my own place, Started In His Eyes full-time, Found a part-time job to help pay the bills, Lost that job, then booked a Wedding… That was fun & I am sure there is plenty of other things but for now it seems to about cover things! As this year is ending I look back over the memories I made and can’t help but smile because of the immense joy that comes to my heart as I think of the amazing people that have come into my life over the last year. I find myself even happier as I look forward because I know many of these relationships will last the rest of my life!


The next year has even more to bring with the hope that more business will start to come my way! I will say that there is still hope of a mission trip this year and a maybe a road trip or two. I will only be young and single once so I want to live out my life to the fullest! I have truly enjoyed the season I am finding myself in right now! I look to the future with an expectation of so many things… But it may seem funny but I will have you know that of those many thing one thing stands out! This girl would really like to have a hand to hold and a heart to love within the next year! Alright I said it! I have been single for about as long as I can take it! So hurry up Mr. Whatshisname! I am getting tired of waiting!

May you all have a great new year and know exactly what you want for the next season of your life!



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