30 years…

Today marks the anniversary of my parents marriage! It would have been thirty years today! I am so proud of my mom walking through all the crazy things she did. It started and ended walking down the isle of a church. My parents set the family record for fastest wedding. God bless the military and the way things happened because of the procedures and policies that they have in place! I will say I very much plan on letting my parents hold the getting married in a weeks time be the family record! It came to a beautiful conclusion when my mom walked down the isle of our church in NC to say good bye to my father one last time form a pulpit with a beautiful eulogy after battling cancer and the other hazards of life by his side faithfully for over 28 and a half years. It is often at weddings that they release balloons to celebrate. At my fathers funereal we released them to commemorate and each of us wrote a note in sharpie on them as they floated up many of us found closure having said those things we felt we could have missed before we said goodbye to him. So I thought to honor him today it might be a sweet gift to my family to release some balloons today to my Dad to say… Happy Anniversary! I forgot to bring my camera but hopefully these pictures from my phone and my mom’s phone will do!

We have a video of us reading what we wrote but I am not thinking we will get it up any time soon. This has been a rather productive week three posts! Let’s hope I can remain faithful as the year moves forward!


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