Happy New Year!

Hello All!

I just wanted to stop in and say Hi!

I am in the process of transitioning things over to WordPress from Blogger. So over time things will be moving here permanently! I am also looking to start writing more often at least once or twice a month! My life has been so full of incredible things and I am almost bursting with so many things that have been poured into my heart.

The concluding year has been so full I am sure there is no way to truly put any more into it even with the few passing hours left until it comes to a close. I am so thankful for School, New Friends, Old Friends, My Church Family, Weddings, My Family, The Best Roommates Ever, A Seizure, A Tough Diagnosis, Healing that Takes Time, Two schools, 25 Credit Hours in one Semester, Passing Grades, A new job and so much more! As this year is ending I look back over the memories I made and can’t help but smile because of the immense joy that comes to my heart as I think of the amazing people that have come into my life over the last year. I find myself even happier as I look forward because I know most of these relationships will last the rest of my life!

The next year has even more to bring me with the conclusion of my schooling at CFNI and the bright future that comes with the commencement of my time at this incredible school! Soon hope to tell you all about the big plans that are to come but a lot of it still remains a mystery to me as it often does in life! I will say that there is a possibility of a mission trip this year and a maybe a road trip or two. I will only be young and single once so I want to live out my life to the fullest! Who needs Alcohol and Drugs to have a good time anyways? Not me I would rather have close friends and a good laugh!


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